What is Holistic Addiction Treatment?


With so many different kinds of addiction treatment plans, it’s hard to decide which one will be of most help to you or your loved one suffering with an addiction. Holistic addiction treatment is just one of the ways to uncover the reasons someone has become an addict, and begin the healing journey. 

Understanding What Holistic Means

When thinking of the word holistic, it can be thought of as “whole-istic” because it means to treat the whole person. Humans are complex creatures, and so much goes into the “whys” of their actions. It’s never just one simple issue. When using a holistic approach, the physical body, the mind and emotions, and the spiritual soul of the person. This allows a deeper understanding of any issues you may be experiencing. 

The Elements of Holistic Health

Holistic health focuses on many elements of a person’s being, to create a complete, whole approach to healing. The 8 main elements are physical, emotional, spiritual, intellectual, social, financial, nutrition, and environmental health. 

Physical Health

While most people think of “exercise” when they hear the words “physical health”, your body needs more than just movement. Physical wellness includes a healthy diet and good sleep hygiene. Regular, restful sleep is vital for every other aspect of your body to work properly. 

Emotional Health

Emotional health can also include the term mental health disorders. It’s the ability to navigate your feelings. Learning how to identify, assess, and effectively share them with others is the epitome of emotional health. The more comfortable you are with digging deep within your emotional realms, the lighter your life will be. 

Spiritual Health

Spiritual health is the most personal of all the categories in holistic health treatment. The strength of the role it plays in someone’s overall wellness depends on how deep their spiritual connections go, and how they define “spirituality”.

The way spiritual health is generally viewed is a sense of purpose, direction, or meaning. Without these, values can become distorted or fall away. This would conflict with your life’s balance. Spirituality isn’t about a specific religion or even a certain belief system. It’s about creating a personalized journey. Some might practice mindfulness as a way of evaluating their intentions, navigating their actions, and keeping their values in check. 

Intellectual Health

Intellectual health is created by engaging the mind. Building new skills, and knowledge that can challenge and inspire you will help you grow. It can be as simple as doing puzzles, reading a new book, or even engaging in a spirited conversation. Academics, community service, and altruism are a few other options you could pursue for intellectual stimulation.

Social Health

Social health is all about how you connect with others and deal with any differences that may arise. Having strong social skills/health allows you to create a social support network that can get you through many of life’s challenges. Being able to go to someone you trust with your stressors can be a powerful healing agent, and allow you to move through life’s struggles faster. 

Nutritional Health

Nutritional health is tied to physical health, but it is so important, it needs to be discussed further. Because nutrition needs to be personalized based on body chemistry, age, gender, and activity levels, “healthy” looks different for everyone. But, having a balanced diet generally looks like this: half of your plate is fruits and veggies, the other half with  mostly grains and a modest portion of meat. 

Having a balanced diet will help you acquire the required amount of macronutrients for daily energy, muscle development, and recovery, as well as other bodily processes. If you can have thriving nutritional health, the other parts that increase your whole body health.

Environmental Health

Your immediate surroundings, as well as the bigger picture of the community you live and work, is what your environmental health is derived from. It’s the relationship between you and your environment. How you and your environment support each other is the key to unlocking the status of your environmental health. If you are in tune and providing support for each other it can be felt within you, as well as in the community as a larger whole. 

Financial Health

Living within your means, and planning for your future appropriately are the main pillars of strong financial health. Learning how to take small steps so you can have larger pay-offs later is the goal. Because financial troubles are one of the top stressors of people in the United States, this is a vital aspect of whole health. 

What is Holistic Addiction Treatment?

Holistic health has many aspects that work in conjunction with each other. While all of them on their own would be helpful to someone seeking answers for their innermost questions, together they are a powerhouse of information and healing. 

Holistic addiction Treatment Therapies Include:

Nutritional Therapy

Learning how to heal our nutritional deficits will go a long way in the healing process of addiction recovery. Typically in nutrition therapy, you would learn how to properly feed yourself again, understand any vitamin deficiencies you are suffering from, and then be prescribed certain dietary supplements if needed. You would also get help with diet changes that need to be made.

Massage Therapy

Massage is the manipulation of the soft tissue of the body. Massages can be given using hands, fingers, elbows, knees, forearms, feet, or a device. Increasing blood flow, and oxygen, decreasing body stress, or pain, as well as relaxing the tissues is the goal of massage therapy. 

Healing massages for alcohol or drug addiction recovery have many advantages. In the wake of detox, your body can feel exhausted, and sore. Massage can help restore your feelings of physical health.

Chiropractic Therapy

Chiropractic therapy works hand in hand with massage therapy. They are both for increasing health in your muscles, but chiropractic takes it a step further and focuses on joints, bones, and connective tissues also. Chiropractic therapy is not just for pain relief, but also for detoxification. One way this can be done is by using painless neural-repatterning techniques to prevent cravings and anxiety. 


As a form of alternative medicine, a key component of traditional Chinese medicine is acupuncture. This therapy is achieved by inserting needles into various points on the body to alleviate pain or help treat health conditions.

 Acupuncture needles don’t usually hurt. They are inserted to a certain depth, gently, while you are resting. Receiving this kind of therapy is energy-grounding, and relaxing. In fact, it can raise your energy levels significantly. 

Yoga, Meditation, and Mindfulness Therapies

Mindfulness therapies can include many different aspects, such as light or sound healing, or reiki and chakra healing. But the most common mindfulness therapies are meditation and yoga. Both of these are centering, grounding practices that can heal the mind and body through stillness with meditation or movement in yoga. 

Other Approaches

A few other approaches are also interwoven into a holistic approach. The most popular are cognitive behavioral therapy-CBT and talk therapy. 

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy is a form of psychological treatment that can be effective in treating many mental illnesses. It is based on the concept that your thoughts, feelings, and physical sensations as well as your actions are connected. 

Talk Therapy is a form of therapy that works by someone speaking freely in response to a therapist’s questions. It allows the mental health professional to identify behavior and thought patterns, then address how to move through them. 

How to Find Holistic Addiction Treatment

Finding a treatment program that is willing to treat the whole person, not just their immediate addiction needs can be difficult, but not an impossible task. Agape Detox Center can be a great choice for you or a loved one if this is the type of treatment sought. Their holistic therapies take an approach that encompasses many of the techniques and teachings you just read about. Their facility feels more like a spa, too. So healing can happen in a calming, non-clinical environment

Calling Agape Detox today could be the best decision you ever made.

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